Land-based Casinos Peculiarities


Knowing negative and positive gambling traits is a great advantage for experienced player as well as for the newcomer who was recently involved in gambling. "One of the secrets of life is to keep our intellectual curiosity acute" (Phelps). Get closer to casino peculiarities before being involved in gambling. Study the rules and tactics of games that you are going to play. Improve your skills first and then rush to open your wallet and make large bets. Read this article, multiply your financial capital, master your land casinos standards and skills and reduce potential risks with us!

Stick to Punter Tips!

Read carefully 3 golden rules for every player given below and stick to them while gambling in land-based casinos. They will help you to gamble safely and get closer to victory enjoying the game and having no regrets or disappointments at the end of gambling session.

  • Allocate certain amount of money you are ready to spend on gambling: control your expenses. Even if luck has left you, do not be upset and try playing the game some other time.
  • Gamble only in case you can afford it: do not even think of gambling in case if you are short of money.
  • Greed is your worst enemy. Do not allow the avidity capture you: quit playing in the right moment, otherwise you can lose it all.

Get down to earth and be realistic. You have no power to predict a game result, plan your stakes and control the whole gaming process. You cannot win every session, thus, learn to lose and take everything reasonably.

Hidden Casino Features

Have you ever heard of them?

  • In roulette games croupier usually starts spinning the wheel putting the ball on the number that indicates the present date. Thus, numbers 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 and 0 are excluded.
  • Before leaving the gambling table croupiers (working in land-based casinos) always show their hands in order to prove that they do not take away any chips. Pockets and other similar elements of their cloth are sewed up so that no chips could be stolen away.
  • Most used currencies in gambling are Euro and American dollar. Third place is taken by GB Pound Sterling.
  • First known coin machine was named "Liberty Bell" and was introduced in 1895 in San Francisco by Charles Fay.
  • According to the statistics roulette is probably one of the most popular gambling games among players from all over the Globe. There is a very interesting assumption that roulette evolution started in Rome with its soldiers who used to spin their shields and pray the gods to let them know the result of future numerous battles.