Looking Back to Gambling History

What means "Gambling"?

The term "gambling" stands for the activity of gaming for stakes in order to win real cash or another material values. Player who is involved in gambling can either win or lose. The outcome depends on player's skills and Lady Fortune:

Gambling is accompanied with excitement, adrenalin, energy, enthusiasm and other hazard impulses. It is also interesting to note that gambling is considered to be dominant international e-commercial entertainment involving more and more financial capital.

Gambling Goes Back to "Dinosaurs"!

It is common knowledge that gambling games and casinos are not a young trend but are rooted back to our forerunners and distant past. This conclusion was arrived due to archeologists and their investigations and discoveries. Almost all nations of the ancient world revealed the tendency of practicing hazard games within the scope of their societies. Most popular among them were the games of chance initially based on cards and dices. Scientists have excavated gambling accessories and elements of dices which dated back to the 14th century.

So why did they gamble and what was the sense? As a rule, our predecessors took part in hazard adventures and ran risks connected with large part of their own wealth for the sake of adrenalin and excitement. They were about to lose all their lands and kingdoms but bet the limit and risked everything they had. Thus, Lady Fortune guided man's destiny since the very Big Bang.

It would be wrong to suggest that only rich people were involved in gambling. Nothing of the kind! According to the land casino history citizens with mean income and even the poorest people were driven by inexhaustible desire to gain extra easy money. Thus, as you can see a lot of people were guided by desire to become rich and take their chances.

According to historians the largest centers of gambling culture were:

  • Egypt
  • Rome
  • China and
  • India

Referring to ancient times some kings and leaders were to ban gambling adventures but people's lust for gaming has overcome all possible prohibitions and restrictions. Thus, gambling industry has survived to the present days and continues to grow and develop at a speedy pace involving even more and more players worldwide. This far-reaching modern commercial industry has very attractive prospects in the nearest future.

And in conclusion, it is crucially important to say that almost every single modern gambling game like baccarat, poker, slots, roulette, blackjack etc. has the own development history which is evaluated in other articles on our website.