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Opening Remarks

Gambling is considered to be very popular entertainment for people from different corners of the Earth. Some of them have a dream to travel to remote places just to realize the sacred dream and win some bonuses in large and popular land-based casinos. So what are those places that worth visiting? Read further and you will learn it.

It is common knowledge that "brick and mortar" casinos in Europe differ from its American version. In this article we will talk about this dissimilarityand will make emphasize on distinction features of European betting houses thus helping you to make a decision whether to play favorite gambling games in the United States or in Europe.

American vs. European Casinos

Most American casinos are a part of hotel suite that hosts great number of people from different countries and nations. Look at Las Vegas casinos: they look like small cities with all necessary infrastructures that include everything what your soul may desire: for example, luxurious restraint, VIP suite, gambling house etc. Such hotel and gambling giants in the United States are growing daily and attract more and more visitors who strive to try their luck and play various gambling games.

The fountain of different nationalities and enormous crowds may give some people a pain in the neck and irritate. Such kind of gamblers should play in European casinos instead. In Europe they will be able to avoid noisy crowd and concentrate on gaming procedure.

Following gambling laws is also a very important factor. Therefore if you want to gamble safely you'd better firstly get acquainted with gambling regulations of the country you are going to visit.

Meet the Top European Casinos!

  • Casino Lisboa is situated in Lisbon and is considered to be the major remarkable sight in Portugal's capital. Moreover it is the most grandiose casino in Europe. It has over 1000 gaming machines and more than 26 table games!
  • Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco is a famous resort that hosts great number of guest and offers fabulous gambling opportunities.
  • Baden-Baden Casino located in Germany is a large entertaining complex that will leave no one indifferent even the very sophisticated gambler.
  • Casino & Congress Baden is situated in Vienna and is considered to be in the list of top casinos in Europe. Each year in autumn it hosts fabulous Baden Poker Festival.

Before you proceed to gambling certain games in various countries make up your mind and learn alternative rules and other possible game features. Enjoy gambling with the best European casinos!